WWE Countdown – Celebrity Twists

While Summer wasn’t a talking head on this week’s episode of WWE Countdown, she was shown briefly in a clip of the Price is Raw episode of RAW, where she sat front row as a fan

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The Gifts That Keep On Giving – WWE Inbox 126

Join Heath Slater, Alicia Fox, Titus O’Neil and many more as they share their strangest gifts from members of the WWE Universe.

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Excuse Me: A Cougar Countdown

Summer briefly appeared on Excuse Me: A Cougar Countdown discussing the relationship between Vickie Guerrero and Edge.

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Raw Recap – June 30

Dolph Ziggler def. Fandango
Yeah, it’s pretty good to be Dolph Ziggler sometimes. On top of The Showoff’s genetic gifts, he has a victory over Fandango to his name and a rollicking round of tonsil hockey with Summer Rae on top of everything else. The emergence of Summer came at a crucial point for Fandango in the match; the dancing fiend had The Showoff on the ropes and was all but purring thanks to the adulation of Layla at ringside. Fandango’s happiness turned to horror when Summer snagged Ziggler and initiated an impressive bout of PDA (show the world, indeed), and when the heat rose, Fandango fell to the tune of a Zig Zag from the former World Heavyweight Champion.

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Money in the Bank Recap

Layla def. Summer Rae (with Fandango as special guest referee)

BOSTON — Love was in the air in Beantown as Fandango’s flames, Summer Rae and Layla, battled for the fleet footed Superstar’s affection at Money in the Bank. The ballroom dancer showed the WWE Universe who his true love was, however, as passionately smooched Layla after her victory.

Before the match, both Summer and Layla cornered Fandango in the middle of his interview with Byron Saxton, showing off their best assets and ensuring that the dancing Superstar would have a most unenviable task—having to call a fair match between these two beauties.

During the bout, the two Divas seemed more preoccupied with trying to seduce Fandango, attacking each other before getting up close and personal with the dancer. It seemed as though Fandango was conflicted between the “Total Divas” star and the British beauty on several occasions during the passionate battle. Decked out in a bedazzled referee’s shirt with his own silhouette on the back, Fandango spent as much time ogling the two Divas as he did enforcing the rules.

However, the master of dance made up his mind after Layla floored Summer Rae with a devastating kick to the head. Fandango made the three-count for his current dance partner, then picked Layla for an impromptu make out session over Summer Rae’s prone body.

The beautiful blonde was reduced to tears as she watched Fandango and Layla sashay into the Boston night. Is this the end of this fiery love triangle, or will Summer Rae continue to fight for Fandango’s favor?

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WWE Countdown – Magnificent Managers

Summer appeared on this week’s episode of WWE Countdown and discussed herself being an example of a current manager and legendary manager Sensational Sherri

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Money in the Bank Preview – Summer vs. Layla

Summer Rae vs. Layla (with Fandango as special guest referee)

Fandango’s busy dance card could go up in flames when the two Divas who’ve proclaimed love for him, Summer Rae and Layla, meet in one-on-one action at Money in the Bank and he’s charged with keeping order as the special guest referee!

Summer and Layla have been at odds ever since Fandango dumped Summer on Twitter and recruited Layla as his new dance partner. After suffering the sting of heartbreak, the blonde bombshell took a hiatus from WWE, only to return in May and make Layla the target of her aggression. That gave way to weeks of sneak attacks, including one that saw Summer Rae infiltrate Adam Rose’s Rosebuds and disguise herself as the partying bunny so that she could get close to Layla and unleash her fury.

Yet, Summer’s disdain for Fandango’s new girlfriend was nearly overshadowed by the recent hint of a rekindled romance with WWE’s ballroom brawler. On both SmackDown and WWE Main Event, Summer locked lips with Fandango, seemingly with the intention of dancing her way back into his heart.

Though the strutting Superstar has appeared conflicted, at times, over this love triangle, Layla remains absolutely enraged. What will happen when Fandango is called upon to be a nonpartisan, zebra stripe-wearing official, and what spoils will go to the victor?

To find out, watch Money in the Bank live on WWE Network and pay-per-view this Sunday at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT.

The JBL & Cole Show – Ep. #83

The trap is set to catch The Bunny. Will he take the bait?

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WWE NXT Recap – June 26

Becky Lynch def. Summer Rae
In the midst of the bickering among the BFFs, Summer Rae attempted to focus on her match with the newest NXT Diva, Becky Lynch. Summer let out her frustrations, clotheslining the Irish Diva while she was in the middle of a jig. Though Summer had control of the bout, she was distracted by the antics of Charlotte and Sasha Banks at ringside, giving Lynch the opening to hit an exploder suplex and win the match!

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It’s All About The Money! – WWE Inbox 125

Join WWE Superstars & Divas Big Show, Summer Rae, Xavier Woods and many more as they get ready for Money in the Bank! Your favorite Superstars & Divas share stories of some of their most expensive purchases.

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