Raw Results – June 9

Layla was backstage getting her make-up done. Summer Rae snuck up behind Layla and poured milk all over her before throwing her into the make-up table and covering her with powder.

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NXT Results – June 5

NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte def. Bayley
One week after claiming the NXT Women’s Championship, Charlotte rekindled an old rivalry, taking on Bayley. The second-generation Diva unleashed her mean streak, but Bayley battled back and seemingly had the upper hand after taking out Sasha Banks. Charlotte was on the verge of victory when the third member of the BFFs, Summer Rae, made her long-awaited return to NXT!

The distraction nearly cost Charlotte the bout, but the NXT Women’s Champion recovered and hit Bow Down to The Queen for the win! While Charlotte and Sasha seemed to be confused by Summer’s return, they didn’t have much time to think things over, as Summer attacked Bayley on the canvas. The rest of the BFFs joined in on the assault, until Divas Champion Paige and Emma evened the odds and rescued Bayley!

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Total Divas – Wedding Mania Recap

It’s the big day on E!’s “Total Divas.” Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan are getting married. The places are set, the guests are lookin’ good and the bride and groom are ready to go … and Nikki nearly screws the whole deal up. Or rather, pesky Bella brother, JJ, does so by congratulating John Cena for his super-chill reaction to learning about Nikki’s previous marriage, which, of course, he never actually had because he knows nothing about Nikki’s previous marriage. This forces Nikki to descend from her throne of lies to head up damage control right as Brie’s getting ready to walk down the aisle … but first, WrestleMania!

The ladies are all raring to go for their big Divas Championship Invitational at The Show of Shows, despite some epic last-minute willies by Eva Marie. Trouble starts piling up early, though, when they find out that the Divas match is slated second-to-last just as it was the previous year (which, you’ll remember, ended up getting cut). The timing of the show does, in fact, allow the ladies to compete but, uh, they have to follow this so they’re understandably on edge. As Naomi says, “we some bad chicks,” and they give the crowd a solid show anyway. Even Eva Marie gets a couple moves in.

Back to the Sedona, Ariz., wedding drama: Nikki’s secret is exposed and the rest of the Bella family wastes no time rounding on her in vicious fashion. Happily, the clan pulls it together long enough for Brie and Bryan to say their (breathtaking) wedding vows and Nikki and Cena manage to hash out their problems at the rehearsal dinner. The end result is: John doesn’t particularly care, he’d just like to be on the short list of people who are privy to the big stuff like this.

All’s well that ends well – Cameron even gets over some deep-seeded intimacy issues and tells lovable Vinnie she loves him, while Summer Rae resolves to improve her relationships with the Divas – and we ride off into the sunset drama-free, with everyone happy. Until next season, that is.

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Raw Results – May 26

Eva Marie def. Summer Rae

“Seeing red” doesn’t quite cut it for Summer Rae, whose rivalry with Eva Marie on E!’s “Total Divas” finally made its way to the ring and ended in a disastrous upset for the golden-haired Diva. To be fair, a third party played a big part in Summer’s embarrassment. Despite Eva’s eagerness to pay Summer back for swindling her out of a tag-team victory on SmackDown, Summer ran roughshod over #AllRedEverything. That is, until Fandango and Layla made their entrance and engaged in another gratuitous round of tonsil hockey, leaving Summer so distraught Eva was able to snag the win with a roll-up.

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Total Divas – Digging a Hole Recap

Remember those times on E!’s “Total Divas” when Brie Bella seemed like the quiet, earthy, restrained Bella Twin; the Zen mistress to Nikki’s free spirit? Yeah, that’s all gone out the window on part one of the Season 2 finale. Brie’s wedding to Daniel Bryan is nigh, and a combination of stress and self-imposed expectation has led the preparation to a place that even a “Yes!” Man like Bryan (ha ha) finds “unreasonable.” It’s hard to tell whether it’s the ballooning cost or her suggestion that they hold the ceremony at a toilet-less venue and guests simply “hold it in,” but Bryan has to talk Brie off the ledge of matrimonial madness and he does so quite efficiently. Robbed though we might be of seeing Cameron interact with a full-grown emu, the ceremony is moved to a much more manageable location and, once Summer Rae is politely but firmly redacted from the guest list, all is well.

Sort of. Brie has decreed that Nikki disclose her previous marriage to boyfriend John Cena before the wedding in order to protect the nuptials from unnecessary drama … and Nikki can’t quite muster up the guts to do so. She lies to her family to get them off her back, but several opportune moments to disclose her secret to Cena come and go; she ends the episode resolved to confess after WrestleMania and before the wedding.

And, speaking of WrestleMania, Naomi’s on the mend and is indeed getting her opportunity at the Divas Championship … along with Brie, Nikki, Natalya, Eva Marie, Summer Rae and everyone else in the division, as part of the Vickie Guerrero Divas Championship Invitational. With the gauntlet up for grabs, it’s every woman for herself, and friendly rivalries are already starting to bloom. The Diva with the most to lose, however? That’d be Eva Marie, who is all but crushed under the sudden realization that it’s her first WrestleMania, she’s challenging for a title and she’s nowhere near prepared for it. “All Red Everything” is about to lose it, people.

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Smackdown Results: May 23rd

The Funkadactyls def. Nikki Bella & Eva Marie
After returning to Raw to plant a kiss on her ex, Fandango, and attack his new dance partner, Layla, Summer Rae journeyed to SmackDown to serve as the special guest referee when The Funkadactyls faced off against Nikki Bella & Eva Marie.

While the red hot Summer refused to count to three whenever her fellow “Total Divas” castmates, Nikki or Eva, attempted a pinfall, the second that Cameron got her opponent’s shoulders on the canvas, the pinstriped beauty was more than happy to deliver a rather fast three-count.

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Video: Backstage Fallout May 19th

Summer Rae returns to Raw and cuts in on Fandango and Layla’s relationship.

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Raw Results – May 19

R-Truth & Naomi vs. Fandango & Layla never happened
It’s good to be Fandango. Sure, you occasionally have to get clobbered across the chest by Sheamus, yet it turns out the greatest battle involving the dancing fiend doesn’t feature him as a competitor, but rather the prize. Fandango has made quite the show of his budding love with Layla ever since tossing Summer Rae to the curb, and the “Total Diva” returned to mark her territory in London, offering Layla some hometown humiliation by planting a big one on ‘Dango before pouncing on the put-upon former Divas Champion and sending the happy couple scurrying.

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Total Divas Renewed for Season 3

LOS ANGELES – May 19, 2014 – E!, WWE® and Bunim-Murray Productions continue their intimate look inside the glamorous, hectic and often dramatic lives of the WWE Divas when “Total Divas” returns for season three Sunday, September 7th at 9pm ET/PT.

Cameras will once again shadow WWE Divas The Bella Twins™(Nikki and Brie Bella), Natalya™ (Nattie), Naomi™ (Trinity), Cameron™ (Ariane) and rookies Eva Marie™, and Summer Rae™ giving viewers insight into how these women, who are on the road for 52 weeks a year, balance their personal lives while fighting for the spotlight. In addition, WWE Diva Rosa Mendes™ joins the cast, as the fiery Latina who has been around WWE for years has finally found herself in the limelight. Season two of “Total Divas” is currently airing all-new episodes every Sunday at 9pm ET/PT.

One of E!’s most popular series, “Total Divas” currently averages 798,000 viewers in the 18-49 demo with a total of 1.3 million viewers on average. Additionally, the series ranks as a cable top 5 destination in its timeslot, Sundays 9-10pm, in the viewers 18-34 and women 18-34 demos. Total Divas is E!’s second-strongest original series of 2014-to-date following “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

In season two, the drama has been taken to new levels as the Divas’ popularity has grown. Nikki Bella’s relationship with boyfriend WWE Superstar John Cena® has been under a media microscope and their contradicting thoughts on marriage and starting a family have placed the couple in a deadlock. Meanwhile, Brie Bella has been eagerly planning her upcoming wedding to WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan which will culminate in the “Total Divas” season finale airing Sunday, June 1st at 9pm.

For Trinity, this season has been a roller coaster, as she married the love of her life, WWE Superstar Jimmy Uso™, struggled with the idea of motherhood, and dropped her very first single “Dance All Night.” In the remainder of the season, viewers will see Trinity face a career threatening injury when she takes a blow from a fellow Diva during a televised match.

Similar to Trinity, fun loving Nattie has faced several challenges in season two as she continues to find common ground in her first year of marriage to her husband TJ (WWE Superstar Tyson Kidd™) especially when it comes to money, in-laws and their lackluster romantic lives. Nattie has also struggled with newbie Summer Rae who has become a key player in WWE storylines, taking screen time away from the veteran Diva.

Nattie wasn’t the only Diva who Summer had conflicts with as she went toe-to-toe with Brie, Nikki, and, as viewers will come to see later this season, possible tag-team partner Eva Marie. Away from work, Summer has been trying to get into the dating scene after a recent breakup left her yearning for companionship.

Sassy and saucy Ariane is also getting back to her music and dance roots as she gears up to release her first single. However, she is more focused on raising her celebrity status which doesn’t sit very well with her boyfriend.

Eva Marie opened up a closet full of secrets this season each more shocking than the one before. Season two opened with the red headed Diva revealing she secretly eloped with her longtime boyfriend Jonathan and some provocative modeling photos from her past surfaced which spread quickly through the WWE locker room. Coming up, Eva continues to surprise and shows a side to her that none of the other Divas have seen before.

Former model and WWE Diva Rosa Mendes joins the cast for season three. A veteran of the Divas Division since 2006, Rosa has spent the past year with her eyes on the cast of Total Divas. Now that she’s one of them, there is no telling what may happen next.

On top of all the drama outside of the ring, Rosa and the rest of the Divas compete for a top spot, and the highly coveted Diva’s title, at WrestleMania® 30.

“Total Divas” is produced by WWE and Bunim-Murray Productions. Jon Murray, Gil Goldshein, Jeff Jenkins and Russell Jay are Executive Producers for Bunim-Murray Productions. Kevin Dunn and Will Staeger are Executive Producers for WWE.

Total Divas – What Happens In Cabo Recap

It’s a south-of-the-border spectacle on E!’s “Total Divas” when the whole crew (minus the injured Naomi and ostracized Summer Rae) head down to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, for Brie Bella’s bachelorette party. It’s all fun in the sun for everyone involved – everyone, that is, except Eva Marie, who worries her still-secret sober lifestyle will put a damper on the festivities. Ironically enough, her awkward attempts to cut and run when the libations start to flow make things more uncomfortable than if she had come clean in the first place. When all is said and done, she does just that and the ladies more or less shrug it off, even capping the trip by taking a swim alongside some dolphins.

Speaking of secrets, a loosened-up Nikki Bella spills a whopper to Natalya that only Brie knew previously – she’d been married once, for several years, to her high school sweetheart, as a result of a Vegas wedding officiated by an Elvis impersonator. Hoo boy. Eva Marie’s confession puts Nikki in an optimistic mood, though, and she seizes the moment at a family gathering to spill her own secret. The response is less than enthusiastic, particularly when it comes to her and Brie’s furious brother.

While the rest of the Total Divas are busy soaking up the sun, Naomi is wallowing in grief following her potentially career-derailing eye injury at the knee of Aksana. With her seemingly guaranteed path to a Divas Championship Match at WrestleMania 30 suddenly cut off at the pass, the Funkadactyl is feeling directionless at best, though Jimmy Uso’s encouragement and the revelation that she won’t need surgery after all puts her in an optimistic mood by episode’s end. You see? Things are looking up – so to speak – already.

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