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Oct 25, 2014

Smackdown Recap – October 24

Nikki Bella, Summer Rae & Cameron def. Brie Bella, Natalya & Naomi
Nikki Bella took advantage of a fallen Brie Bella by tagging herself in and delivering a Rack Attack to her sister for a three-count in SmackDown’s Six-Diva Tag Team Match.

The self-proclaimed “wicked stepsister” then delivered a post-match message to her Hell in a Cell opponent, forecasting 30 days of hell for her “little, dirty Cinder-Bella.”

Oct 23, 2014

Photos: The best of Diva Day Off

You’ve daydreamed with Brie, lounged with Layla, grooved with Cameron and snuggled with Eva Marie. Now, kick back, relax, and relive the best of a year’s worth of Diva Day Off photos with this all-encompassing gallery of the greatest R&R you’ve ever seen.

Oct 21, 2014

Raw Recap – October 20

Brie Bella def. Summer Rae
If Brie Bella is, indeed, destined to become a personal assistant for the next month, she can at least take comfort in knowing she went out with a win. The Bella Twin gave herself a big boost in advance of WWE Hell in a Cell — where she’ll battle sister Nikki with servitude at stake — by taking on fellow “Total Diva” Summer Rae in a winning effort on Raw. Having already succeeded where Nikki failed by winning a series of stacked Handicap Matches, a one-on-one contest was little trouble for the former Divas Champion. Brie bounced back after Summer swatted her out of the air with a second top-rope dropkick that hit its mark and a facebuster for the win. Cue the “Yes!” chants.

Oct 20, 2014

Total Divas returns January 4

A Wedding, A Breakup And A Divorce?! Don’t Miss The Total Divas Mid-Season Finale Sunday, October 26 At 9pm ET On E!
The Hit Series Returns January 4th With All-New Episodes And Some Fresh Faces When WWE® Diva Alicia Fox™ And WWE Diva Paige™ Join The Cast

LOS ANGELES – October 20, 2014 – Get ready for a real red wedding! The Total Divas mid-season finale features WWE’s SummerSlam® , Eva Marie’s™ wedding and even shows Brie Bella™ meeting with sister Nikki Bella’s™ boyfriend, WWE Superstar John Cena®, behind her sister’s back about his influence causing her to give up on dreams of marriage and children. Of course, the unexpected confrontation leads to explosive consequences. Meanwhile, Natalya™ is caught in a downward spiral when the truth is revealed to the Divas that her marriage to WWE Superstar Tyson Kidd™ is falling apart. In an attempt to help mend their relationship, the Bella Twins™ organize a night out, but when the infamous #BrieMode comes out in full force, the sisters are inevitably pushed further apart. While Eva Marie does make it down the aisle on her big day, there is no guarantee that her fellow Divas will all be there to witness the ceremony. Don’t miss the mid-season finale of Total Divas, Sunday, October 26 at 9pm ET on E!.

When Total Divas returns with all-new episodes on January 4 at 10pm ET, a new duo emerges to shake up the dynamics of the cast: WWE Diva Paige and WWE Diva Alicia Fox. Former WWE Divas Champion, Paige, is a raven-haired Diva who preaches a simple message: she wants to mix it up in the ring. She first began battling when she was 13, following her family of English wrestlers, and gained prominence inside the WWE’s NXT Division, as the first NXT Women’s Champion. Similarly, the stunning and lithesome Alicia Fox has proven herself to be far more ferocious and eccentric than anyone ever expected. The talented Ms. Fox has etched her name in WWE record books as the first African-American woman to win the Divas Championship. Together, the two ladies, along with friend WWE Diva Rosa Mendes™, form a clique in the locker room that rivals the Bella Twins and WWE Diva Cameron™ (Ariane), leaving Nattie stuck in the middle.

As season three progresses, a longtime feud between Ariane and Alicia forces the two Divas to go head-to-head. On the couple’s front, Nikki and John are on the outs after he blindsided her with the idea that they may not be meant for each other. Brie also has to confess to Nikki that she went behind her back and confronted Cena about his stance on marriage that lead to the couple’s turmoil. Newlywed Eva Marie struggles with some surprising health issues, and Brie seriously considers giving up her exciting career for a more domestic life.

In addition, as Nattie deals with her imploding marriage and its subsequent fallout, she looks to family and friends for support which includes moving into Cena’s house. This proves problematic when she finds out he is very allergic to cats, and Nattie can’t fathom parting with her furry friends.

The Total Divas mid-season finale airs Sunday, October 26 at 9pm ET on E!. All-new episodes start Sunday, January 4, 2015 at 10pm ET, before returning to its regular time slot at 9pm beginning January 11.

Total Divas is produced by WWE and Bunim-Murray Productions. Jonathan Murray, Gil Goldschein, Jeff Jenkins and Russell Jay are Executive Producers for Bunim-Murray Productions. Kevin Dunn and Will Staeger are Executive Producers for WWE.

Oct 20, 2014

Total Divas – Daddy’s Little Girl Recap

So before we get to our first potential breakup in “Total Divas” history (no, JoJo and Justin Gabriel doesn’t count), let’s cover the other happenings in the Divas division.

First off, Cameron and Vinny decide to use Nikki Bella as their real estate agent to help them purchase a house. After a rough start, the Divas find a home that’d be perfect for the young couple, but the only way they could afford it is if Nikki doesn’t take her commission. She politely shoots down that suggestion, but missteps when she inadvertently insults Vinny’s job, and Cameron summarily severs the business partnership. They manage to remain friends despite everything, though.

Eva Marie is still eagerly anticipating her wedding, despite the fact that her father’s health seems to be in decline. His mood is still positive, though, and therefore so is Eva. Brie and Jonathan’s suggestion that Eva has chosen to deal with her dad’s illness by denying it’s happening is met with swift, profane resistance. But Brie mends the fences by throwing Eva a surprise bridal shower with the Divas and Eva’s mother and friends. When the discussion of her father’s health arises, Mama Marie reassures Eva that, while she doesn’t have to be wallowing in sorrow, her father would appreciate a phone call every now and then.

Finally, we get to it: Natalya and Tyson Kidd’s discord has grown so severe that they seem to be actively contemplating the idea of a divorce. It’s Tyson who cracks the code that his luggish behavior causes Natalya to flip out on him, which leads to bigger and bigger fights. So he decides to remedy the situation by moving out. Natalya’s relieved that she can at least get some peace for the time being, but her reprieve is short-lived when she runs into Kidd backstage at a show and blows a gasket in front of their fellow Superstars and Divas. Even Jimmy Uso is speechless, and that’s when you know it’s bad.

The midseason finale of E!’s “Total Divas” airs next Sunday at 9/8 CT on E!.

Oct 20, 2014

Total Divas – Cross Country Catastrophe Recap

While one happy couple approaches their big day on E!’s “Total Divas,” another careens toward the D-word over the course of the show’s second double episode in as many weeks.

Happily, Part 1 is a mostly lighthearted affair, highlighted by Eva Marie’s zany road trip to California with Cameron, Jonathan and Vinny. On paper, this should be a breeze, but Eva — who’s lackadaisical at best — and Jonathan — fastidious to a fault — butt heads when her laid-back attitude throws his meticulously planned itinerary (folders for everybody!) into disarray. That, in turn, spreads to Cameron and Vinny, and soon everybody’s fighting in some form or another. Eva makes the call to cut everyone’s losses and abandon the road trip midstream, which summarily restores the peace and Jonathan’s sanity in one fell swoop.

Rosa Mendes, meanwhile, is on the hunt for a new gentleman caller after Summer Rae snatches Cleveland Browns player Gary Barnidge out from under her nose. Problem is, all of Rosa’s potential suitors are either super-conservative or beefy bros just looking for a good time. For Rosa, who craves a connection, this will not do and she rolls the dice on female companionship instead. Natalya fears that Rosa’s increasing desperation to find someone will eventually lead to a lapse in her recovery, and she eventually talks the lovesick señorita down to the point of rationality by episode’s end.

And how about this: Brie Bella beats Daniel Bryan! Granted, it’s in an argument, but still: The “Yes!” Man’s somewhat overbearing monitoring of “Braniel’s” joint bank account means Brie has to go through Nikki to buy a vintage Dolce & Gabbana dress for a red carpet appearance, lest Bryan see the charge and start tearing his beard out in frustration. Ultimately, Brie comes clean about her roundabout purchase right before the event. Afterward, Bryan — typically the voice of reason — relents and admits he should probably ease up on the money worries and yes, the dress was fantastic. Dude, we already knew that.

As for Natalya and Tyson Kidd? No development there just yet, but wait ’til Part 2 …

Oct 14, 2014

Raw Recap – October 13

Brie Bella, Natalya & Naomi def. Nikki Bella, Summer Rae & Cameron
Cameron gave Real Housewife of Atlanta NeNe Leakes a little too much lip, and the rest of the “Total Divas” crew responded accordingly. Refusing to let a fellow reality star be disrespected, Brie Bella, Natalya & Naomi (with Rosa Mendes as cheerleader) united against Nikki Bella, Summer Rae & main offender Cameron in what was ultimately a winning effort that came down to a battle of the Bellas after a bench-clearing brawl that left the Divas strewn all over Atlanta. What looked to be a repeat of last week’s humiliation on WWE Main Event turned around in a hurry for Brie when she escaped the Nikki Rack Attack and struck with a facebuster to pin her sister, much to the delight of NeNe and the rest of the “Total Divas.”

Oct 13, 2014

Total Divas – The Double-Cross Recap

Relationship turmoil engulfs Episode 7 of “Total Divas.” While Brie Bella’s SummerSlam rivalry with Stephanie McMahon picks up steam on Raw, her sister Nikki is forced to deal with some disturbing news having to do with John Cena’s latest film. Plus, Natalya continues to weather her ongoing marital woes and Rosa’s journey toward love takes an unexpected detour.

Despite the fact that Nikki Bella gets to attend the premiere of her own new film, her mood takes a drastic turn for the worst when she learns her boyfriend, John Cena, will be required to do a romantic scene in his latest movie – news that the Cenation leader has opted to keep from her for quite a while. After talking with her family and her fellow Divas, however, Nikki realizes it’s actually her own past that was truly bothering her, and she and the 15-time World Champion leave an honest dinner conversation as happy as ever.

Meanwhile, with their marital troubles persisting, Natalyla and her husband Tyson Kidd decide to attempt couples’ therapy. However, after Natalya makes a joke about divorce during an appearance, Tyson opts not to return for a second counseling session – causing things to go from bad to worse.

For her part, Rosa Mendes decides that she was once again ready to look for love and goes on several dates with Cleveland Browns player Gary Barnidge. She becomes so comfortable with him, in fact, that she chooses to share the demons of her recent past. Shortly after she brings him to a WWE TV taping, though, the show ends with a jaw dropping-development. The handsome NFL player is spotted on another date … with Summer Rae!

Oct 13, 2014

Total Divas – Paint the Island Red Recap

Can we interest you in two “Total Divas” adventures for the price of one? Of course we can. The first-ever double-serving of E!’s reality hit does not skimp on the drama, which, fittingly enough, kicks off at a bachelorette party in Curacao.

With Eva Marie making her way through all the traditional pre-wedding festivities she missed out on by eloping, the Divas — minus Summer, Rosa and Naomi — join her in paradise for some bachelorette party fun. Nikki Bella, who’s harboring secret jitters about losing her free-spirit sister to the doldrums of monogamy and housewife status, attempts to relive the glory days of The Bella Twins’ party-hearty past by trying to lure her sister into Brie Mode, but Brie Bella ain’t exactly having it. A combination of building a home and the fact that Daniel Bryan isn’t as enamored with Brie Mode as the rest of us have forced Brie to put away childish things, which she explains to Nikki after several fights in uncomfortably public situations.

Speaking of uncomfortable, Natalya and Tyson Kidd attempt to use the vacation as a sort of defibrillator for their flat-lining marriage, though Tyson’s idea of romanticism — a trip to an ostrich petting zoo and next-to-no physical contact — mean they finish the trip worse than when they started it. Vinnie’s increasingly desperate hints to Cameron that he wants to take things to the next level fare a bit better, though it takes a borderline hysterical plea for her to listen. Hey, progress is progress.

In other news on the mainland, Rosa Mendes and Summer Rae seem to have formed an unlikely friendship. Surely this won’t blow up in anyone’s face. Right?