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Dean Ambrose def. Dolph Ziggler and Tyler Breeze – Intercontinental Title No. 1 Contender’s Triple Threat Match
In a nonstop, furious free-for-all main event to determine Kevin Owens’ No. 1 contender, all three Superstars pulled out all the stops on SmackDown.

Though Tyler Breeze looked as if he may emerge victorious – hitting the Beauty Shot on Dolph Ziggler – Dean Ambrose broke up his attempt to hit the Unprettier and leveled Prince Pretty with Dirty Deeds for the huge win. As a result, The Lunatic Fringe is the new No. 1 contender to Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens. After the contest, the unstable Ambrose got face-to-face with the titleholder, shoving him backward. Instead of retaliating, Owens walked away to fight another day. Images > Event Digitals > Smackdown > 11-26-2015

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Who will challenge for the Intercontinental Championship?
Who is the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time? If you asked Kevin Owens, it definitely begins and ends with him. Between the prizefighter’s cocky demeanor and brash attitude, there is no shortage of Superstars looking to silence the titleholder. But who will get the chance to fulfill this sought-after task? Well, we know it will either be a “lunatic,” a “showoff” or a “gorgeous one.”

Thursday at 8/7 C on Syfy, find out who will get the opportunity to challenge Fight Owens Fight for glory when Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler and Tyler Breeze battle in an Intercontinental Championship No. 1 Contender’s Triple Threat Match!

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Dean Ambrose & Dolph Ziggler def. Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens & Tyler Breeze
A disappointing Survivor Series led to a vindicating Raw for Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler, who lost a WWE World Heavyweight Title Match and an electric showdown with Tyler Breeze, respectively, at the fall classic. Teaming up against Breeze & Kevin Owens, The Showoff and The Lunatic Fringe didn’t let up for a single second against the NXT veterans. Ambrose threw caution (and himself) to the wind with a suicide dive that put Breeze on his back, and Ziggler superkicked a bum-rushing KO to allow The Lunatic Fringe to do some Dirty Deeds for the win. Dare we say, it was gorgeous. > Digitals > Monday Night Raw > 11-23-2015
Screen Captures > Monday Night Raw > 11-23-2015

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Prince Pretty gets fed up with Tom Phillips’ questions and takes matters into his own hands.

Screen Captures > Web Videos > Tyler Breeze interviews himself after his win

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Tyler Breeze def. Dolph Ziggler
Tyler Breeze stole the show at Survivor Series by sashaying his way into an upset victory against Dolph Ziggler at Phillips Center in Atlanta on Sunday evening. Breeze used Ziggler’s injured left knee to cut his more experienced opponent’s momentum short before finishing off The Showoff with the Unprettier.

Though their match only came to fruition in the days leading up to Survivor Series, Breeze began to target the more experienced Ziggler a month ago to the day of tonight’s contest. Breeze made his WWE debut on SmackDown in October by launching a sneak attack on The Showoff, the first of what turned out to be many encounters where the NXT alum inserted himself into the affairs of the former World Heavyweight Champion.

The two match combatants opened the contest trying to one-up each other, both through pomp as well as pummeling one another. When Breeze taunted from one ring post, Ziggler responded by mimicking the pose in the alternate corner. When The Showoff tried to turn up the tempo, his fashion-forward adversary settled things down with the controversial use of Ziggler’s tights.

Momentum started to swing Breeze’s way when The Showoff showed signs of an injured left knee. The King of Cuteville prompty aggravated the injury, trapping Ziggler in a single-leg Boston crab to further attack the knee. That assault ultimately proved to be Ziggler’s undoing, as Breeze stopped a late charge by the former World Heavyweight Champion with a kick to the knee before connecting with the Unprettier for the pinfall victory .

Breeze’s victory at Survivor Series puts him in the elite company of Superstars who made their WWE pay-per-view debut at the storied event. He now finds his name along the likes of The Undertaker, The Rock and Earthquake among others. > Digitals > Pay Per View > Survivor Series
Screen Captures > Pay Per View > Survivor Series

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Summer and Tyler Breeze were interviewed by Todd Phillips in the Social Media lounge on the Survivor Series Kick-off

Screen Captures > Pay Per View > Survivor Series Kick-off

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Welcome to our latest Flashback Friday which saw Summer Rae competing in elimination tag matches at the 2013 and 2014 Survivor Series events. > Digitals > Survivor Series 2013
Screen Captures > Survivor Series 2013 > Digitals > Survivor Series 2014
Screen Captures > Survivor Series 2014

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